Car showrooms, wedding dress shops, pubs and music stores. That’s Parramatta Road, Sydney, a major artery linking Parramatta and Sydney since colonial times. 

With large-scale changes proposed under the WestConnex Project, Leichhardt Council commissioned me to document the building facades along Parramatta Road’s northern side from Hawthorne Canal to Booth Street. Over several months I captured the many architectural styles along the three kilometre long strip.

“Emilio Cresciani's photo essay preserves a unique moment in the history of this major artery and contributes to the social history and photographic archive of Sydney. It continues the legacy of documentation of key times and periods in Sydney's growth and the global practice of street documentation.” Amie Zar, Local History, Leichhardt Council.

Many of the 110 photographs were on display in an exhibition Cars…Brides…Pubs at the Leichhardt Library in December 2014.
To view the whole streetscape: